James Holmes’s 3rd-floor apartment (1690 Paris Street) is 4 miles from the movie theater in Aurora. Holmes had left a techno song (to repeat in a loop from midnight to 1:00 am) blaring in the apartment. Neighbors called police about the noise shortly after midnight, but the song was left to play until automatically shutting off at 1:00. Holmes left the door to his apartment unlocked.

Police began searching Holmes’ apartment building at 2:00 am on July 20, waking the residents for questioning and ordering them to evacuate.

Police found jars of chemicals (flammable or explosive material) in Holmes’ booby-trapped apartment. Officers found trip-wires attached to 1-liter plastic bottles filled with a substance. 

If police would have responded sooner to blaring music complaints from neighbors, officers would have entered, tripping the explosive wires, which might have blown up the multi-story apartment building full of residents.  Instead, when the music timer shut the blaring song off at 1:00 am, complaints simply stopped.

All hazards were successfully removed from Holmes’ apartment by authorities on July 21.

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